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Objectives :

Getting the following fields of Skills  :

  • Be able to intervene during a job accident situation.
  • Be able to implement its First Aid skills in order to prevent occupational risks in the company.

Public : Any Employee
Prerequisite : None

Training Organization :

Goal: From 4 to 10 people
Duration : Within the company or in our premises

Evaluation and Validation :

  • SST certificate, issued by INRS, to all candidates who have passed the certification tests.
  • Retain and update of SST skills: Every 24 months


Know its Professional environment and its dual role in the company:

Rescuer and Prevention Specialist:

  • Locating its role of SST before, during and after an accident
  • Understand the value of occupational risk prevention
  • Understanding the legal framework for SST intervention

Identify persistent hazards in the workplace in order to protect:

  • Appropriate the process of alerting the populations
  • Know the mechanism of the accident.
  • Achieve adequate protection

To Examin the victim, to alert and inform his/her hierarchy :

  • Recognize signs that threaten the life of the victim and adapt an appropriate action
  • Make alert or alert according to the organization of the rescue structure.

Rescuing the victim in the event of an accident :

Perform appropriate action to the victim’s condition:

  • He/She bleeds heavily
  • He/She suffocates
  • He/She complains about a weakness
  • He/She complains about burns
  • He/She complains about pain preventing certain movements
  • He/She complains about a wound that does not bleed abundantly
  • He/She does not answer, but he/she breathes
  • He/She does not respond and does not breathe

Pedagogic Method:

Pedagogic face to face with an SST trainer trained by INRS, interactive presentations using adapted audio visual media, quizzes, practical demonstrations, case studies, scenarios (role plays), implementations of gestures using mannequins, adult, child, baby, and AED.

Strong Points : INRS Certification, INRS documentation provided, Interactive training, active and participatory

Training offering dual role : Rescuer et Prevention specialist

Course offered in Partnership with Actprev-Formation

Starting Price: 3000,00 DH HT